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Ceeege Family Movie Clips

Click on a year then a thumbnail to view the video


Vertical Sleep!

30th June 2007

After a feed, James tended to get pretty tired and would more or less always fall asleep. When he was really tired he'd sleep anywhere as is demonstrated here. Check out Em's reaction at the end to see how impressed she is with her husband!


After Feed

1st July 2007

A little more alert here but not sure about the headbanging at the end!


Bouncy Chair

30th July 2007

James impresses Mummy, Daddy & Grandma with his toy bashing skills!


Exploring from the ground

14th September 2007

A bit of time on the activity mat


Trumpy child!

18th September 2007


James keeps us amused by many means!



2007 - 5 Videos



21st January 2008

James loves his bathtime and we generally end up getting soaked! Here is a quick clip showing just how that happens!



17th February 2008

A very happy James learns to fly with a little parental assistance!


James on the Swing!

2nd March 2008

When we head to the park we usually have a quick go on the swings if there is time before tea!


Crawl to the tower!

2nd March 2008

James loves this game. Build a tower and crawl over to knock it down!


High Quality Burbleage!

30th March 2008

We're a busy lad here down at Granny and Grandads, and while we play we've got a lot of things we'd like to say!


Burble burble burble!

30th March 2008

We got back home and still remember how to make our new wonderful noise. Still lots of playing to do before bed as well!


Speed crawling!

5th April 2008

James loves crawling from a hiding place to come and see us. He gets up to a fair pace here!


More crawling

6th April 2008

James speeds along the living room floor to see what Daddy is doing


Smile to hide!

8th April 2008

A lovely big smile followed by some more speedy crawling and hiding!


Big big jumps!

8th April 2008

James really loves these big jumps Mummy is helping him with


Down the slide

11th April 2008

Not the most exciting video ever as James comes down the slide with Daddy while Grandma watches on!


Hero to Villain!

19th April 2008

James attempts to put his own socks on before turning to mischief!


Look at me walking!

3rd May 2008

We've got James' walker set up and we've learned how to use it. Make sure you have your speakers on for the comedy tumble at the end!


Look at me walking II!

3rd May 2008

The novelty factor for James speeding around the living room will take some time to wear off so here's another clip!


Mid Wales stroll!

10th May 2008

Grandma & Big Rog's garden is just perfect for a nice long walk!


Mid Wales stroll 2!

10th May 2008

We get a bit casual with the walking after a while and don't really pay too much attention to what we should be doing!


Trouser Malfunction!

27th May 2008

James is learning to walk but is hindered by his fashion sense!


Busy Lad

27th May 2008

Clambering, crawling, time to waster being 1!


Bup bup bup!

27th May 2008

Hard to describe this one. I think we've lost the words somewhere...


Train dancing!

4th June 2008

James loves the train he got for his birthday and always dances to the tunes it plays.


Quick free walk!

5th June 2008

A very quick victory against gravity with no assistance! He's learning fast!


First few steps

6th June 2008

James has started to walk unaided and these few paces from Mummy to Daddy end with a familiar end for the poor camera!


Improved walking

10th June 2008

4 more days walking progress and this time the camera gets a good and proper whacking!


Drunk walking!

10th June 2008

With James' still learning about balance, he does look like he's had one too many. Still he's doing really well at his walking for someone who's just coming up to 13 months old!


Drunk walking down the living room!

13th June 2008

Now we've been officially classified as walking, James gets as much practice in as possible. Walking in straight lines does pose a problem though...


Mischievous smirk

13th June 2008

I love this one! Just watch James' expression as he catches a glimpse of the shiny camera and an idea comes into his mind...


Boy with spoons!

15th June 2008

Happy as ever, happier with spoons and a camera to aim for!


A little bit of everything

15th June 2008

This is a long clip but worth the watch! We've got one happy little lad here showing how much his walking has improved, even if we do look a little tipsy at times and chatting away all the while. Oh, if life was always like this!


A bit more dancing

22nd June 2008

Taken down at Granny and Grandads, here's another clip of James practicing his moves with their great play centre!


Tumble Playing

28th June 2008

Some active play here with our new joy of running and falling on to the cushions. Note the ever present spoon gripped tightly through the whole thing!


Where are the cushions?

28th June 2008

James' recognition of words is getting much better and he certainly knows many more nouns than we give him credit for! A nice big hug for Mummy at the end of this one too!


Basketball, Football?

5th July 2008

The annual family picnic and James tries his hand at Basketball. Or is it Football?!


I'm coming to get you!

6th July 2008

Some early Sunday morning play here. Grandad plays a game which James gets quite excited about. Check out the standing on tip toes and then the running speed!


Carseat to playpen - big drink too!

17th July 2008

James just being James here. Some exploring, a big drink and some good burbles!


Busy walking on holidays then ouch!

2nd August 2008

The only video we took on our holiday to Suffolk. James finds some spiky grass near the Sizewell beach.


Fun on holiday

3rd August 2008

Oh no it wasn't! We found some more videos of the family. Here's one from our cottage.


Fancy footwork!

4th August 2008

Daddy and James do some exercises out in the garden!


Excellent Dancing!

4th August 2008

James is working on his quickstep!


Comedy fall

5th August 2008

An innocent gentle game of football somehow manages in a tumble. A nice soft landing though - thanks nappy!


Anyone for footie?

29th August 2008

A bit of football action here as James runs round the decking at Granny & Grandads showing off his skills. Check out how he nutmegs himself!!



29th August 2008

James loves "dancing" and he gives a great demonstration of his fancy footwork here!


Bacon Bacon Egg!

31st August 2008

No idea what James is on about here! Maybe he's asking for a cooked breakfast? You decide!


Round and Round

14th September 2008

You know when you have something to do it can get addictive? Running round and round often feels like that especially when you have the clothes peg bag as company!


Woof woof and Tricky Skills

14th September 2008

Careful with the noise levels on this one as James returns a lungbursting "Ack Ack" when he hears a doggie barking. We have a quick kickabout after too showing some Ronaldo style trickery!


The best noise ever!

24th September 2008

If you ever want a smile, watch and listen to this!


Story time

24th September 2008

James and Mummy sit down to read Where's that duck. We never find it though!


Race to the door

30th September 2008

James entertains himself by racing back and forward to the front door!


James goes splash!

4th October 2008

Taken from Daddys camera phone this is a gorgeous little clip taken the day after some really heavy rain. We went to the park all decked out in our wet weather gear to find some puddles. There was a nice big one by the swings which James loved running through. Listen out for the bus in here too!


Sunday morning playtime

5th October 2008

This is a typical clip of James' first play of the morning just after he's woken up. Lots of running around and then lying down again as he gets himself up to full operating speed. Lots of little grins too!


On the swings

19th October 2008

Another trip to the swings where James is quite at home watching the world go by.


Sunday afternoon football

19th October 2008

James decides to show Daddy his footie skills running with the ball on the Roath park rec. We have a bit of a comedy tumble towards the end but as you can see he's just taking a little time out before acting like James usually does!


More Football

19th October 2008

While Mummy, Grandad and GranGran natter about James' Daddy and his camera habits, James plays a bit more footie on the only muddy patch he can find. Some great burbleage in here followed by a grubby hand incident!


Bye bye Bus

25th October 2008

Another weekend, another trip to the park but this time a tired James has a good look at the digger before we head home. Some lovely bye-byes in this one from his Daddy's camera phone.


Share the pear!

15th November 2008

James enjoys sharing out his fruit with Mummy and Daddy while learning about Rugby on the TV!


Piggle Dance

19th November 2008

James loves In the Night Garden and the best thing imaginable is when the dance comes on at the end of the episode!


Spider in the Museum!

29th November 2008

James explores the exhibits in Sheffield's museum and finds some creepy crawlies!


Tidy up those pegs

13th December 2008

Tidying things up is hard work and eventually are showing much potential, it all becomes too much for James!


Not sure about this!

17th December 2008

James isn't sure about the Christmas tree!


Thumb in smiling

20th December 2008

We try to get a smile from James but that thumb is hard to remove!



20th December 2008

Ahhh Christmas. Decorations up and cards on display. Not for much longer...


Santa's been!

25th December 2008

James opens his Christmas stocking delivered by Santa!


Bouncing on the bed

26th December 2008

2 minutes long this one, count how many seconds James is still for and you'll have plenty of change from the fingers on one hand!


Midge, Birdies, Spiders!

31st December 2008

The best things in life are mentioned here on our New Year's trip to see Grandma & Big Rog


Birdies & Binmen!

31st December 2008

Daddy and James check out the birdies outside the window before Daddy gets a bit silly!


Grandma and James

31st December 2008

Grandma enjoys a cuddle with James as he looks at the world around him


Whose Hat is it Anyway?

31st December 2008

James goes to get his hat back but gets a bit of a shock!


Dancing and Midge Again

31st December 2008

James finds both a moisy floor tile and his best buddy Midge in this one


James' Hat!

31st December 2008

James plays hide and seek with Mummy's blue hat!



2008 - 67 Videos


New Years presents

1st January 2009

We went to stay at Grandma & Big Rog's for New Year and met Auntie Catherine there who had some more Christmas presents for James!



14th January 2009

It's always fun to play with bubbles!


Bathtime = Splashtime!

26th January 2009

James enjoys soaking the bathroom here but also does some good bubbles and washing!


Playing in the snow

3rd February 2009

Nursery had phoned to say it was snowing badly in Cardiff, so we had to drop everything to pick up James (and also Milly). It seemed rude not to allow them a bit of play time in the snowy park!



20th February 2009

James is happy absorbed in flicking through the pages of a drawing pad. At least until his jigsaw puzzle distracts him and he asks Daddy to help him...


22nd February 2009


Tick Tock! Singing!

8th March 2009

We're round at Auntie Catherines and the clocks start singing. Better take a lie down in Midge's bed!


Learning to Count

8th March 2009

James reads one of his digger & tractor books and tries to count the headlights!


Night Night, Night Garden!

20th March 2009

Having a late dinner, James says goodnight to his favourite characters.


Up in the sky!

12th April 2009



Eyes Closed Dinner!

12th April 2009

A demonstration of eyes close dinner and also some eyes open dinner!


Wriggly wriggly worm Pt.1

18th April 2009



Wriggly wriggly worm Pt.2

18th April 2009



Wriggly wriggly worm Pt.3

18th April 2009



Roxy Rabbit

19th April 2009

James wants to feed next doors rabbit some dandelions!


Hello World!

7th May 2009

Our little baby daughter popped out rather quickly but we were just in time getting to the hospital. Here she is!!


The Introduction!

8th May 2009

James isn't quite sure what to make of his new sister!


Meal time / Play time!

9th May 2009



Bouncy Castle!

11th May 2009

While Mummy recovers at home with Sophie, Daddy and James have plenty of fun times together!


James is 2!

12th May 2009

We all sing happy birthday to our little lad and blow double the candles from last year!


Sophie in her play chair

5th June 2009

Not much action going on but Sophie is new to the world!


James and Daddy falling over!

5th June 2009

James is easy to entertain. Make up a game and repeat it!


6th June 2009


6th June 2009


James and Sophie

24th June 2009

Both our children do their own things, James much more actively than Sophie!


Playing in the garden

27th June 2009

James plays nicely with his sister, until distracted from above!


Down the slide!

27th June 2009

James has great fun on the slide in the garden!


Happy birthday dear...

28th June 2009

James sings everybody a lovely happy birthday song!


James goes to sleep and wakes up and...

5th July 2009

This is a long video but it's a great insight into James' play and how he can amuse himself!


29th July 2009


29th July 2009


Daddy and daughter

27th October 2009

Sophie gives plenty of smiles to her Daddy whilst James is eating his pudding


Wiggles aplenty!

3rd November 2009

Sophie manages to spin herself around with her new wiggling skills!


Favourite Fruit? Rasberry!!

16th November 2009

Sophie gives us a demonstration of excellent rasberry blowing!


Quiet evening time

14th December 2009

Daddy and Sophie share some time together while James relaxes with the TV


Sophie in the Bumbo!

23rd December 2009

Sophie seems to be quite happy plonked in the Bumbo - or is it the yogurt or maybe the TV?!!



2009 - 30 Videos


10th March 2010


3rd April 2010


4th April 2010


4th April 2010


6th April 2010


6th April 2010


16th April 2010


25th April 2010


27th April 2010


7th May 2010


7th May 2010


8th May 2010


14th June 2010


17th June 2010



2010 - 14 Videos


Garden Playtime

14th June 2011

Nice playtime on a sunny evening after a day in nursery


More Garden Playtime

14th June 2011

Football in the garden!



16th June 2011

Sophie dances to the night time song whilst James does a jigsaw


Jump into the beanbag!

17th June 2011

Sophie jumps into the beanbag over and over again!



18th June 2011

A very wet day didn't stop the fun. Plenty of puddles to jump in!


Trolley for two!

19th June 2011

A trip to Ikea - it's amazing what you can fit in those trollies!


Ice cream treat!

19th June 2011

Following on from Ikea, they both loved their Ice Cream promise being fulfilled!



24th June 2011

The famous game of tummies! Touch tummies then run screaming to the other side of the room!


Rocking in the park!

25th June 2011

Playing on the rocking "horses" down in the Monmouth Park


Sleepy Sophie

25th June 2011

Sophie is a good sleeper but we have to wake her up eventually!


James scores a goal

30th July 2011

Quite a long run up here but James scores of Grandpa the goalkeeper


Sophie scores a goal

30th July 2011

Not to be outdone, Sophie wants a crack at the long run up too!


Sophie bedtime drawing

13th August 2011

Gentle wind down time with some water pens


Obstacle Course

23rd August 2011

James and Sophie tackle the Hampshire obstacle course!


Fast Train!

26th August 2011

We took a bus & train journey as an adventure down at Granny & Grandads. This train whizzed through while we waited!


Soft Play

26th August 2011

The trip on the bus & train rusulted in a fun trip to the soft play centre in Christchurch


Bye bye trains!

26th August 2011

We all wave to the passengers leaving on their trains and then James gives a nice running commentary as another one leaves!


Bye bye bus!

26th August 2011

After an exciting day we wave bye bye to our bus!


Yogurt Everywhere!

4th September 2011

The day before James starts school and Sophie sings Twinkle twinkle whilst covering herself in pudding!


Daddy Rush!

12th October 2011

Lovely to experience, both children running at you with grins!


Wiggling towels!

15th October 2011

Where did we leave those children?!!


Feeding the Ducks

16th October 2011

A trip out for lunch but we had to feed the ducks first!


Bouncy Castle

16th October 2011

Sophie finally gets a go on the now much quieter bouncy castle


Collecting Apples

22nd October 2011

With a bumper crop of apples in Grandma and Big Rogs' garden, James and Sophie began to help pick them all up


Autumn Leaves

6th November 2011

A Fuzzy trip to London and a whole pile of leaves to play in with Enzo and Louis


Concentraing hard

11th November 2011

James writes and colours in his Mr Men picture


Bicycle Races!

13th November 2011

James and Sophie whizz round the drive (with a little help from Daddy!)


Cardiff playpark fun

19th November 2011

Sophie takes it all in whilst surveying the park in Cardiff


Fast Steam Train

26th November 2011

James and Daddy pay a flying visit to Abergavenny to see a steam train whizz through the station!


Bathtime Bubbles

30th November 2011

James and Sophie love blowing bubbles in the bath


December Dancing

4th December 2011

The Bob and Thomas CD is a favourite and James and Sophie love dancing to it


Sophie's Moves!

4th December 2011

You just have to love these wonderful dance moves!


Baa baa bananas!

7th December 2011

James' wonderful school Christmas concert and a rendition of Baa Baa Bananas!


Christmas Reindeer!

18th December 2011

Grandma brought us a wonderful reindeer advent calendar which James and Sophie really love!



24th December 2011

Auntie Catherine's custard was a real hit, even though Sophie called it pustard or bustard!


Father Christmas has been!

25th December 2011

Two very excited children open their Christmas stockings!


Playing fetch with Midge

26th December 2011

Dressed for the season, James and Sophie play with Midge and his new ball


Sophie's scooter!

26th December 2011

Sophie is very pleased with her Christmas present!


James plays Scalextric

26th December 2011

James and Sophie get down on the floor with James' new present!



2011 - 39 Videos


New Years Dancing

1st January 2012

James and Sophie have fun dancing round the kitchen


Snoring Sophie

14th January 2012

Sophie is tired out after a car journey home and is dreaming away whilst snoring!


Fast Slide!

22nd January 2012

A trip to meet up with our NCT friends and wow is this slide a fast one!


More sliding!

22nd January 2012

Both James and Sophie can't resist many more goes on the slide!


Night night dance

27th January 2012

Sophie has a few dances before bed


Bubble Popping!

28th January 2012

James pops lots of bubbles in the kitchen!


Carpet Angels!

14th February 2012

Sophie tries doing Snow Angles indoors


Thumb in dancing

18th February 2012

A bit of dancing and also some sorting colours


Soccer Sophie

3rd March 2012

Sophie shows us some of her soccer skills!


22nd March 2012


29th March 2012


6th April 2012


7th May 2012


7th May 2012


12th May 2012


12th May 2012


13th May 2012


13th May 2012


27th June 2012


27th June 2012


27th June 2012


30th June 2012


21st July 2012


At the Olympics!

28th July 2012

We had to be part of London 2012 so we managed to get tickets to the Millennium Stadium to see 2 football matches including Team GB!


22nd July 2012


22nd July 2012


22nd July 2012


29th July 2012


28th August 2012


28th August 2012


5th September 2012


15th September 2012


16th September 2012


I want to dance!

1st October 2012

A weekend away at CentreParcs and Sophie wants to get a groove on!


Banana Dance

1st October 2012

Sophie breaks out some banana powered moves!



1st October 2012

Sophie shows her full array of moves to Flashdance!


Steam Train 2!

24th November 2012

A very wet Abergavenny station sees Sophie experience her first flying steam train, It may be a while 'till the next one!


Christmas presents!

25th December 2012

Christmas at Grandma & Big Rog's house and the usual carnage opening presents!



2012 - 38 Videos


9th January 2013


9th January 2013


19th January 2013


19th January 2013


Dinosaur dancing!

20th January 2013

Sophie spins around the kitchen


Garden sledging!

22nd January 2013

With a good covering of snow it's time to play out in the garden with the sledge!


Guessing Game

27th January 2013

A popular game at bathtime is to stick a letter on your forehead and let the guessing commence!


Round and Round!

28th April 2013

A friends birthday party down at a soft play centre in Chepstow, and James and Sophie enjoy spinning round and round!


5th May 2013


6th May 2013


6th May 2013


11th May 2013


11th May 2013


11th May 2013


12th May 2013


4th June 2013


17th June 2013


5th July 2013


6th July 2013


Box Car Thomas - Two cars, Two boxes!

21st September 2013

What was the old adage about having more fun with the wrapping that the presents?


28th September 2013


Sophie's Spinning Around

1st October 2013

Picking Sophie up from school, she was keen to show me her spinning. It's tough to hear but she says that she's going to do more spinning tomorrow as she's tired!


Harvest Festival 2013 - Sophie sings Big Red Combine Harvester

2nd October 2013

Sophie is in there and giving a great performance, you just can't see her that well! (In front of the tall boy)


Harvest Festival 2013 - James sings Conkers!

2nd October 2013

James is much easier to see along with with the rest of Year 2!


Sophie's Homework

8th October 2013

Sophie sets out to practice writing some 'c's!


Sophie Sings

9th October 2013

Sophie sings Big Red Combine Harvester before bedtime


James Sings

9th October 2013

James elaborates on Big Red Combine Harvester!


Dancing Christmas Hat

13th October 2013

Garden Centres can be entertaining!


Playing Rugby

20th October 2013

James and Sophie show off their rugby skills


Close up colouring

26th October 2013

Sophie colours in a picture from After School club


Sophie sleepy-plop!

31st October 2013

A fast asleep Sophie gets "gently" woken up by James!


Feeding the Fish

1st November 2013

We find plenty of fish to feed as we explore on our holiday


Kiwi Monster!

2nd November 2013

Sophie quite likes Kiwi Fruit and doesn't hang about eating them!


Off to the sea!

2nd November 2013

Sophie wanders out towards the sea - happy girl!


We're Going in the Sea!

2nd November 2013

James and Sophie are very busy on the beach - what to do next?!


Swimming Sophie!

2nd November 2013

Sophie shows off her pretend swimming!


Sand Angels!

2nd November 2013

Needless to say, the bath was a very sandy place after cleaning up from this!


Water Fun!

2nd November 2013

An innocent request to clean feet turns into water mayhem!


Frowning Competition!

3rd November 2013

The famous holiday frowning competition!


Writing on the beach

5th November 2013

After James wrote his name in the sand he finishes off with the other important names


Digging like Midge

5th November 2013

James has a go at digging like a doggy but almost ends up getting wet!


Back to the room

6th November 2013

James and Sophie run and skip back to our room as we get ready to pack up


Taking Off!

6th November 2013

James is very calm and casual as we take off on our way home


Alphabet song

7th December 2013

Sophie sings the alphabet - lovely!


Naughty Cats

10th December 2013

James is first up for the Christmas concert as he prowls on stage with Year 2


Naughty Cats - Exit!

10th December 2013

Off they go but watch out for his big catlike HISS at the end!


Pretty Little Angel Eyes!

10th December 2013

Fortunately Daddy and Grandma got to see this! Sophie did so well!


Piano Song?!

23rd December 2013

Sophie plays the piano and sings although I'm not sure about the lyrics...


Christmas Stockings!

25th December 2013

Father Christmas has been and they are both really happy opening their stockings!


Contrasting Emotions!

25th December 2013

James really likes his DVD's, Sophie not so much...


Skipping home for lunch

25th December 2013

Sophie loves her skipping. So much so that Daddy has to join in!


Boxing Day Beach

26th December 2013

Boxing Day was a beautiful springlike morning so we walked down to the beach and had a lovely time with the sea.



2013 - 40 Videos


Chase the Other Bottoms!

1st January 2014

New Years Day and a trip up to Shropshire. Much fun has especially with the game of pass the Bottoms!


Muddy Walk Part 1

19th January 2014

A weekend walk from the house and there was plenty of good mud to be squelched!


Muddy Walk Part 2

19th January 2014

Some great mucky puddles too and of course there are muddy faces!


Muddy Walk Part 3

19th January 2014

Not quite sure James and Sophie have the correct procedures for Kissing Gates!


Muddy Walk Part 4

19th January 2014

The biggest puddle in the world is the best way to finish off a wet walk!


Exercise Time!

1st February 2014

We put James and Sophie through some exercise routines. Maybe some more work required on stamina!



2014 - 5 Videos

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