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Family News and Pictures Archive from 2015

Here are a few thumbnails of our family exploits over the past years and months. Click on a thumbnail to see photos from our past!

December 2015 - Xmas at Home!

Grandma, Big Rog, Cath, Andy, Grandpa & Grangran come to stay!

November 2015 - Autumn Time

Grandma & Big Rog, Strictly Season & Dressing Up

October 2015 - Busy Tooth Fairy!

Ballet, Tooth Fairy x 3, Treacle & Leaf Pile

September 2015 - Sophie Cycles

Back to School, BBQ, Heathrow II & Bikes

August 2015 - Summer Holidays

Cousins, Majorca, Family Picnic & Heathrow

July 2015 - Fuzzy Summer

Fuzzy club come to Monmouthshire

June 2015 - June Jamboree

Sports Day, NCT meetup, Footie & Father's Day

May 2015 - Major May Milestones!

Sophie is 6, James is 8 and the most improved football player!

April 2015 - Many bestest ever moments!

Super Treasure Hunt, Caswell, Many Ice Creams & Year 1 Castles Class Assembly

March 2015 - Costumes Aplenty for March

Lots of dressing up, Handstands, Birthdays & Year 3 Easter Class Assembly

Feburary 2015 - Footie, Frozen & Pancakes

More family photos from our fab four!

January 2015 - New Year, New Windows!

Snow, Frozen, Double Glazing and more pressies!

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2015

December 2014 - Christmas Celebrations

Harvest Festival, Xmas Concerts, Christmas Chaos as Usual!

November 2014 - Bonfire Bonanza!

Muddy Walks, Bonfires, Dressing Up & Paddington Weekend!

October 2014 - Month of Firsts!!

Teeth Out, Harvest Festival, Halloween and Bertie!

September 2014 - Dressing Up Bonanza!!

Dressing Up and Outdoor Walks

August 2014 - Warm Weather Fun!

Majorca Holiday & Summer Fun!

July 2014 - July Jamboree!

NCT Get Together + World Cup!

June 2014 - Sporty Firsts!

Bikes, Graduation Assembly + Sports Day

May 2014 - Both Birthdays!

May = Birthdays = Very Busy! (+ First Tooth Out!)

April 2014 - Spring has Sprung!

Easter, trips away and a special Hoggy friend!!

March 2014 - Super Space Spectacular!

All the Grandparents visit to top off a stellar month!

February 2014 - Half Term Fun!

Lots of visitors and lots of water too!

January 2014 - Happy New Year!

Shropshire visit and school holiday fun

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2013

December 2013 - Christmas Time!!

Christingle, School Play, Awards, Santa... You name it!!

November 2013 - Holidays, Family & Friends

Canary Islands Holiday, Huw & Seren visit & Midge pops over too!

October 2013 - Autumn Activities!

Harvest festival, Garden fun, Bowling, Halloween & Holidays!

September 2013 - Two in School!

First Day and Back to School!!

August 2013 - Summer Hols!

Summer Holidays - here and abroad!!!

July 2013 - BBQ's, Picnics and Sunny Fun!

Summer Picnic, BBQ's, Tennis, Trains, Midge and More!!

June 2013 - Puffins at Last!

Wildlife walks, Doggie Games, Skomer Trip & Sports Day!!

May 2013 - Double Birthday Fun!

May Mayhem! Birthdays, Parties, London & Granny & Grandads! Phew!!

April 2013 - Where's our Spring?!

Dressing up, Bubbles, Bridges Game & Daddy's Day Out!

March 2013 - March Madness

Mother's Day, Parties, Wales winning & Treasure Hunts!

February 2013 - Beach & Boogie!!

Soggy Swansea, Daddy's Shoes, Disco Dancing & Football trophy!

January 2013 - Mega Snow!!

American Pipit with Daddy, Big Snow, Cardboard Box & Party time!

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2012

December 2012 - Crazy Christmas!!

King James, Paddington, Christmas at Grandmas & Midge too!!

November 2012 - Quiet for Once!

Bonfire Night, Rugby, Football & Harry Potter Glasses!

October 2012 - Massive Leaf Pile!

Garden Fun, Massive Leaf Pile, Gymnastics Party & Tewkesbury!!

September 2012 - Busy Weekeds!!

Back to school, Fairy + Batman & Fuzzy in Sheffield!!

August 2012 - Sizzling Summer!!!

Hampshire Week, Auntie Catherine's, Another Picnic & Family Holiday!

July 2012 - Soggy & Sunny Summer!

Family Picnic (Muddiest ever puddle!), Butlins Holiday & Olympic Football!

June 2012 - Very Busy June!

Diamond Jubilee, School Fete, Fuzzy club get together, School Assembly & Sports Day! Wow!!

May 2012 - Mega Olympic May!!

Busiest & best month ever?! 2 big Birthdays, Zoo trip, NCT get-together & the Olympic Torch!

Apr 2012 - Spring Sunshine!!

Spring sunshine smiles and fun on many wheels!!

Mar 2012 - Costume Capers!!

Plenty of dressing up, a few birthdays and another Grand Slam!!

Feb 2012 - Wonderful winter!

Our first snow, Wild hair days, Sophie's big new bed and helping hands around the house!!

Jan 2012 - New Year walks & Bubbles!

New Year's walk, Forest of Dean, Cardiff Party & Lots of Bubbles. Welcome to 2012!!!

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2011

Dec 2011 - Christmas Bonanza!

Christmas at Auntie Catherines! Fun with Midge. Nativity Play. Tons of Xmas piccies!

Nov 2011 - Science Fun!!!

Bonfire Night in London and a trip to the Science Museum.

Oct 2011 - Costume Fun!!!

Harry Potter and Batman dressing up, parties galore and we see all the Grandparents!!

Sep 2011 - James starts school!!!

James starts at school!!! Midge, Cath and Andy pop in and we see Milly too!!

Aug 2011 - Holidays are here!

Holidays away in the sunshine. So very very busy! 92 Pictures to prove it!!!

Jul 2011 - Summer is coming!

Sand Pit Fun, Bathtime games, Auntie Catherine and lots of chocolate!

Jun 2011 - Flaming June!?!

Heavy showers, Gardening, Football, Fathers Day and more Tummies!!

May 2011 - Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

Two birthdays, lots of new toys and we premiere the game of Tummies!

Apr 2011 - Easter Bunnies!!!

Easter egg hunts, 2 beach trips and a Royal Wedding. Very busy indeed!

Mar 2011 - A Very Merry March!!!

Grandma visits, we visit her and we've got our shades ready for summer!

Feb 2011 - February Fun!!!

Plenty of February fun with lots going on as usual! Parties, Games & Chasing!

Jan 2011 - It's cold outside!!!

Our first visit to Auntie Cath's new house plus the spinny chair game!!

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2010

Dec 2010 - It's Christmas time again!!

Snow, Parties, Concerts & Father Christmas comes. It must be December!!!

Nov 2010 - Pox, Parties but Parky!

Sophie is covered in Chicken Pox but still smiling. Plenty of good pictures here yet again!

Oct 2010 - The lurgy arrives!!!

James gets Chicken Pox and Sophie is destined to get it but we still had some fun!

Sep 2010 - Late summer sunshine!!

A trip down to Hampshire and a visit to a special friend. Good summer fun!!

Aug 2010 - Summertime!!!

Summer sunshine and a few trips down south. Lots of outdoor fun!!

Jul 2010 - Sophie's Walking!!!

Sophie is walking and lots of trips away in the summer sunshine. Cracking!!

Jun 2010 - On the move!!!

Sophie on her feet and James on his bike. 13 people staying over too! Phew!!

May 2010 - 2 Birthdays!!!

A hugely busy month with lots to see - 2 birthdays and 90 pictures!!

Apr 2010 - Easter Fun!!!

Sophie is crawling and James is cycling. Lots of Easter goodness!

Mar 2010 - Growing up!!!

Beach trip, Sophie crawling (almost) and Big boys beds! What fun!

Feb 2010 - What a busy month!!

More snow, All Grandparents visiting and big boys beds. Another busy one!

Jan 2010 - Lots & Lots of Snow!!!

A New Year, a foot of snow, visits from friends and a wedding. Phew!

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2009

Dec 2009 - Christmas for Four!!!

Christmas and snow in the same month. 93 Pictures of all the goings on!

Nov 2009 - Weening all over again!

Sophie's on solids and we learn about Pooh Sticks on a weekend away!

Oct 2009 - Settling in!!!

We've moved and have lots of visitors coming to check out the new pad. 70 Pics!!

Sep 2009 - The move is on!!!

Bye bye Cardiff and hello countryside. A catalogue of the chaos is here!

Aug 2009 - Summer sunshine!!!

Lots of smiles and cuddles all round. Ice cream and tigers too! It's all go in Thomasland!

Jul 2009 - Sunshine & Showers!!!

Weekends away, smiley Sophie, splashing in puddles, tiger face painting. Another busy one!

Jun 2009 - Getting to know you!!!

Fun in the sun and meeting our cousins. It's all here in the June pictures.

May 2009 - Mega Month of May!!!

What a month! Sophie Seren arrives and James turns two. 90 pics of a mega month!

April 2009 - New Garden Toys!!!

Fun in the springtime sun and now we've got a slide & playhouse in the garden!!

March 2009 - Slides, Trains and Animals!!!

Cath, Andy, Midge & Bluesy, Choo-choo trains and lots of sliding make a busy March.

February 2009 - Fun in the Snow!!!

James plays in the snow for the first time as well as plenty of other fun!

January 2009 - New Year - more pictures!

Lots of fun just like last year as the first 40 pictures of 2009 show!

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2008

December 2008 - Christmas & Holidays!!!

Christmas in Cardiff and New Year with Grandparents - 70 Festive Pictures!

November 2008 - Autumn fun & Piggle!!!

Imaginative play, trips away and James' first bus journey.

October 2008 - James the Tinkerer

Lots of running, playing and mischief with more words learned.

September 2008 - Puddles, Peepo & Play

James has eight teeth now and lots of words in his vocabulary.

August 2008 - Suffolk & Hampshire holidays

75 Pictures from a busy August with two weeks off. Lots of fun in the...cloudy summer!

July 2008 - Fun in the sun

Farm parks, new shoes, running everywhere, July is another action packed month.

June 2008 - James is walking & running

With James now walking comes a whole load more trouble for Mummy and Daddy!

May 2008 - James is one year old!

James' first birthday and a nice spring trip to Grandma's

April 2008 - Swings and stacking

Lots of putting, organising, peepo and playpark trips. 32 Easter pictures!

March 2008 - Standing & first haircut

Lots of activity, mischief and celebration in March including a Wales Grand Slam!

February 2008 - More major firsts

We're crawling, our first taste of chips and ice cream and James' first Wales victory over England!

January 2008 - New Year, new adventures

A New Year and lots of firsts. James goes to nursery and gets his first tooth

Family News and Pictures Archive from 2007

December 2007 - James' first Christmas

Over fifty pictures of the Thomas family from Christmas and the holidays

November 2007 - Tummy time & skydiving

More messy eating pics and winter walks from November

October 2007 - More swimming & Bumbo!

James enjoys getting mucky by feeding himself and starts drinking from a cup

September 2007 - James goes swimming

Some tummy time and lots of activities keep us all busy in September

August 2007 - More trips & duvet photos!

Trips to Mid Wales and Hampshire and the famous duvet photos are all here in August

July 2007 - Various Trips away

We're getting more confident at this parent thing and manage to get away for some nice weekends

June 2007 - One month in

James has learned how to smile and we're getting through the tough times

May 2007 - Welcome to the world!

James enters the world and we start learning how to be parents

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